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2018 MACRA Calculator

Avoid a 5% Penalty. Earn a Bonus.

What’s your Financial Exposure?

The savings for MACRA quality compliance can add up quickly, depending on your annual Medicare Part B revenue and your final Composite Performance Score (CPS). For instance, assuming a single provider collects $130,000 in Medicare services, their individual potential savings amount to $7,150 per Provider in combined penalty avoidance (5%) plus positive payment adjustment (0.5%) for a CPS ranging from 40-60 (Figure 1). Depending on the size of your anesthesia group, the savings become very significant very quickly (Table 1).

For a more detailed estimate of your potential savings and cost for the MACRA Ready™ Simple plan, please complete the form on the right below. For groups servicing more than 3 Facilites, please call us for detailed pricing.

Figure 1: Illustrative Example of MIPS Payment Adjustment Factors for the 2020 MIPS Payment Year.
Table 1: Examples of Potential Savings depending on group size. *CMS estimates these numbers based on projecting past PQRS participation, past PQRS performance scores and past EHR Meaningful Use participation into the 2018 MIPS rules. While there are many uncertainties, we will partner with you to put you in the very best possible position for success.
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  • Penalty (5%) + Positive Payment Adjustment (0.5%) = Revenue at Risk. (Additional Bonus revenue may be available for "Exceptional Performers" which includes a portion of a CMS $500 million bonus pool.)
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*MACRA Compliance is an ever moving target. We spend our days and nights reading, listening, and discussing the details of a complex program with many bureaucratic moving parts – so that you don’t have to. Our mission is to educate our clients and provide clarity in times of confusion. Your success is our success. While we strive each day to be the technology partner of choice for your anesthesia group, we have not yet found a crystal ball. The information above is always subject to change, courtesy of CMS.

Winning 2018 MACRA Strategy

1. Download our MACRA Ready™ paper form.

2. Complete a form for each anesthetic case.

3. Call us to set up your account.

4. Fax or Upload forms to us.

5. Review your results in Graphium Dashboard.

6. We’ll take care of the rest.