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Feature Descriptions

The easiest, most intelligent MACRA solution built specifically for Anesthesia.

MACRA Ready™ Features

Complete QCDR Integration

Our service includes registering your Organization and Facilities with the QCDR, including adding your Providers with National Provider Numbers and Tax Identification Number. We will select your Quality Measures and Improvement Activities, and then submit all of your case data at the end of the year, after you’ve had the ongoing opportunity to check cases and complete any missing information.

6 Quality Measures

CMS will only accept a maximum of 6 Quality Measures for the Quality portion of your CPS. We will collect, code, and report the following QCDR Measures.

  • ABG 7 – Immediate adult post-operative pain management
  • ABG 14 – Corneal abrasion
  • ABG 28 – Pre-operative screening for GERD
  • ABG 29 – Pre-operative screening for Glaucoma
  • ABG 30 – Pre-operative screening for PONV risk
  • ABG 31 – Pre-operative screening for excessive alcohol and recreational drug use

3 Improvement Activities

To earn full credit for this catgory of your CPS, we are able to report the following 3 activities. At the end of the year, you will attest to these activities at once, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Use a QCDR
  • Use the QCDR data to compare providers and improve patient care
  • Use the QCDR data to review population health of your patients

Paper or iOS Data Entry

To make data collection as simple as possible, we offer 2 different data collection mechanisms for both our Simple and Plus plans. Either (1) use our custom paper forms and fax/upload them at the end of the day OR (2) use our intuitive iOS app which includes autocomplete templates and immediate form completion feedback. (There is also a third option of directly interfacing with your current Anesthesia EHR module. This can get complex quickly, so feel free to call us and we will walk you through the pros and cons of such an approach.)

No Hospital Interface Required

We love interfaces and we have built a lot of them for most of the major EHRs and billing systems. This includes ADT interfaces, SIU interfaces, custom outbound interfaces, billing export interfaces, and more. However, as much as we enjoy building them, you really don’t need one for MACRA compliance. If you’re interested in combining MACRA compliance with Charge Capture, we have options for you and only then will interfacing with other systems become key to your success.

MACRA Simple Dashboards

Individual Provider Comparisons

Our proprietary MACRA dashboard makes Provider comparisons a snap across your Organization or within specific Facilities. Easily visualize each Provider’s projected Performance Met percentage for each reported QCDR measure and better understand who needs improvement in either their practice or documentation.

Easy Chart Correction

We’ve learned from experience that lower Performance Met percentages are mostly due to failed documentation, rather than actual risk to the patient. We enable your team to easily identify how each anesthetic case performs for each QCDR measure. Many times the correct data is simply missing. Conveniently fix the missing information within our dashboard and improve your results. Getting a higher Composite Performance Score doesn’t get any easier.

Additional Quality Measures

MACRA Compliance and Quality are not necessarily equivalent. With both of our services lines, we aim to make your collection of data as valuable as possible. To this end, we currently record and report the following additional quality measures.

  • Handoff Protocol Used
  • PostOp Pain Control
  • Normothermia
  • Surgical Safety Checklist Used

Outcome Reports

Outcome data is at the heart of any robust Anesthesia Quality Improvement process. Both of our Simple and Plus plans record 40 different outcomes and reports each with their date, category, description, and who was involved with the case. You can use this information to support your OPPE/FPPE credentialing processes, making the most out of your new MACRA solution.

Population Health Reports

Ever interested in how your patient populations differ across the different Facilities within your Organization? With our Population Health dashboard, we make it easy to visualize and compare the following:

  • ASA Status
  • Emergent vs. Non-Emergent
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient
  • PACU vs. ICU Disposition

MACRA Plus Dashboards

Organizational Scorecards

From smaller groups with several facilities to large organizations spread across the country, management needs to measure and compare the service being delivered, develop improvement plans, and monitor their effects. Our unique Organizational Scorecards quickly compare all Facilities for a given month across 9 Categories consisting of over 40 measures.

Operational Reports

Our Operational Reports include over 40 different metrics over 9 Categories, as follows:

  • Outcomes – Major, Minor, and Details
  • Quality – Quality Measures Beyond QCDR
  • Productivity – Total Cases, Total Minutes, and Estimated Revenue
  • Efficiency – Surgeon Turn over Time, Wo/Wi, Anesthesia Turn over Time, and Anesthesia Ready Time
  • Utilization – Block Time Utilization and Cost of Under-Utilization
  • Throughput – First Case Delays, Cost of Delays, Same Day Cancellations, Same Day Add Ons, and Patients Evaled Prior to Day of Surgery
  • Outcome Details – 40 outcomes reported
  • Custom Measures – Add any custom fields you want to track for your organization, such as Accounts Receivable, Revenue Received, Charges Created, etc.

Operational Forecast Tracking

All values or “cells” across our dashboard compare your reported result with a predefined target which you define. Each cell shows your value, your target, their variance, and then is color coded, depending on whether your target was achieved or not. Finally, we also present a trendline with your previous 6 month results for the same measure. All combined, this presentation makes your data incredibly easy to interpret and track so you can more intelligent manage your success and growth.

Facility Scorecards

Our Facility Scorecards are built specifically for Facility leadership to view a calendar year’s worth of data in a single screen. All of the same 9 Categories listed above in the Organizational Scorecard are presented here for a single Facility across 12 months, allowing your PeriOperative Directors and management team to more easily identify trends or areas in need of improvement.

Excel and PDF Exportability

Data needs to be shared. We want you to easily share your data with current hosptial leadership, with your partners, with your surgeons, and with potential new business. Easily create and export professionally formatted PDF reports of your data. This powerful feature allows you to select only the fields you want to export. For example, if you only want a report on turn over times for your PeriOp Nurse Manager or a simple quality report for your Chief Quality Officer, then our export functionality allows you to easily generate separate reports for each. If you want to dig deeper into your data, then feel free to export the raw data to an Excel file.


To help with your OPPE/FPPE credentialing process, our dashboard enables you to easily review outcome data for a given month. For example, you may have a policy that requires you to review monthly complications to identify any provider with more than 2 “Major” complications who may then need further review. Quickly complete this task and generate an Outcomes Report to share with the hospital leadership.

Joint Commission Quality Reports

The Joint Commission requires hospitals to have Quarterly Quality Reports on file for all third party hospital service providers, and this includes anesthesia providers. With our Plus plan you can easily create and export Quality Reports of all your group’s complications and quality measures for any Facility in your Organization. We will provide you the cover sheet and measure defintions to include in your report. There’s no better way to engender a strong relationship with your Facilities than to proactively deliver such rich and meaningful data. Hospital leadership will thank you.

MOCA 2.0 Part IV Support

For the Quality Improvement (Improvement in Medical Practice) requirement, diplomates must complete multiple activities over their 10-year MOCA® cycle to demonstrate that they are participating in evaluations of their clinical practice and are engaging in practice improvement activities.

One such activity is “Completing an Improvement Plan” which requires documenting “a process in which a diplomate implements changes designed to improve patient outcomes based on feedback from Quality Data Registries.”

Graphium Analytics™ presents individual provider quality data in the form of “Outcome Detail” and “MACRA Performance Met” reports which may be used to inform and improve the individual provider’s practice. Anesthesia providers may identify potential areas in need of improvement, introduce a change to their practice, and then measure the consequence.

Each provider may then submit self-attestation documentation directly to the ABA, earning up to 25 points for this MOCA 2.0 Part IV requirement.

This represents a significant costs savings over other Part IV Activities. For example, an equivalent number of points may be earned via participation in a “MOCA Simulation Course” at a cost of > $1,800 per provider.

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MACRA compliance for Anesthesia quickly gets confusing and expensive to ignore. Our team would like to help you navigate these waters with confidence and success.

Let’s us know a bit about you, and we’ll reach out. We look forward to meeting you!

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