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2018 MACRA Compliance for Anesthesia

What’s your Financial Exposure?

Your lost revenue for failing 2018 MACRA quality compliance can add up quickly, depending on your annual Medicare Part B revenue and your final Composite Performance Score (CPS). For instance, if you a collect $130,000 in annual Medicare services, your revenue at risk amounts to $7,150 per Provider for a CPS ranging from 40-60. Depending on the size of your anesthesia group, the cost of non-compliance becomes very significant very quickly.

We can partner with you to save this money and make your group more competive in the process.

Data Capture Options

Paper + Fax/Upload

As simple as it gets. Start today.


Download now

Download our form today and start using it immediately for each case you perform.


Send it to us

At the end of the day, simply fax or upload your forms, and we’ll take care of the rest.

iOS Anesthesia App

Mobile data entry for anesthesia.


Download in App Store

No interface required with hosptial. Simply scan patient’s barcode and start entering your data.


Real-Time Data Entry

Templated, intuitive data entry makes MACRA compliance as easy and fast as possible.

Do you already have your quality data in an electronic format?
We can help import and report your results.

Compliance is Easy.

Only 37% of the anesthesia market is projected to be MACRA compliant in 2018, according to the Medscape Anesthesiologist Compensation Report 2018.

You’re group still has time to. In fact, 100% of our clients avoided the anesthesia MACRA penalty in 2017.

You could start today with our paper forms or perhaps you’re ready to go fully electronic with our dedicated iOS app. We’ll do the rest.

Carol Peckham (April 18, 2018). Medscape Anesthesiologist Compensation Report 2018. Retrieved from https://www.medscape.com/slideshow/2018-compensation-anesthesiologist-6009650#15

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MACRA compliance for Anesthesia quickly gets confusing and expensive to ignore. Our team would like to help you navigate these waters with confidence and success.

Let’s us know a bit about you, and we’ll reach out. We look forward to meeting you!

2018 Anesthesia MACRA Compliance

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